Our Mission

To enhance clinical research by dramatically improving the ease and efficiency of trial execution and management.

A Better Way To Manage Clinical Sites.

Easy, intuitive, and accurate. At SignalPath, we believe that research teams should be empowered by a CTMS that makes them more efficient and brings the joy back to their work. Our site-focused platform is designed to streamline the operational workflow of patient management and study conductance, and includes powerful budgeting and forecasting tools to optimize site financials.

Features That Make Your Life Easier.


Participant Tracking

Optimize Performance


Patient Engagement

Snapshot. Your New Research Assistant.

SignalPath realizes just how important organization is for a successful clinical trial. Because of this, we developed what we call “Snapshot”. Snapshot takes clinical trial management to a new level by applying rich organizational tools that you are already comfortable with - calendaring, list management, and color coding.

Calendar, Task Lists,
Notifications, and More.

The calendar carousel can be shuffled quickly, providing you with a glimpse into all your upcoming patient visits. Your task list lets you and your team members track and manage important deliverables and deadlines, keeping everyone on the same page. Notifications can be viewed, showing recent updates, changes, file uploads and new visits.

All of this information is front and center on the homepage of SignalPath. We believe that Snapshot will radically change the way your teams stay organized.

Site Solutions

Our “Participant's Visit” page is tailored to facilitate easy participant management.

Track Participants, minus the headaches

Organize the conduct of trials with calendars, task lists, notifications, document management and more, enabling sites to discard antiquated study tools and focus on the patients and the science.

Utilize data and insights

Real time dashboards allow sites to optimize study conduct with data that is historically unavailable, driving communication, accrual, quality and profitability.

Drive Financial Performance

SignalPath’s budget, invoicing and reconciliation tools allow sites to improve financial performance by providing insights into aspects like breakeven accrual for a given trial and the ability to leverage real time forecasting.

Utilize Data And Insights.

Real time dashboards allow sites to optimize study conduct with data that is historically unavailable, driving communication, accrual, quality and profitability.

SignalPath takes analytics seriously. We understand that successfully administering clinical research is challenging without a deep understanding of all the data coming in. With this is mind, we designed a thorough, powerful user interface, helping you to truly see everything. But not only is it powerful - it’s also fun to use.

In the “Insights” section you will see graphs and charts, beautifully illustrating data from all of your trials. You can click on any chart, getting detailed information and up-to-date data on your specific study. There’s also a summary "Quicklist" card, giving you a glance into how things are progressing through all your clinical trials.

Provide Insight Into Financials

Budget your trials with SignalPath driving insights into key financials such as the break even point for a trial. Then leverage invoicing, reconciliation and forecasting to optimize the financial management of your trials.

With our powerful forecasting model you can visualize your revenue, margin, and enrollment over time as you easily vary key assumptions.

It’s all about bringing powerful financial modeling directly to the research site so you can make informed decisions and better manage your study financials.

Patient Engagement.

SignalPath’s Patient Engagement platform is already being used to support more than 10,000 patients on clinical trials and is another important component in an overall strategy to reduce complexity for the research site. SignalPath’s goal with patient engagement is to remove administrative barriers while improving the patient experience.

Our platform is integrated with leading patient reported outcome and patient payment solutions. These patient surveys can be configured and launched to capture patient outcomes for a given trial and our flexible payment engine can be automated to send payments to patients based on the completion of key events such as patient visits.

Using SignalPath, research sites can also send greeting cards and use other tools to show appreciation for a patient’s time and participation. This protects the precious time of coordinators while improving patient satisfaction and engagement.

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