Our Mission

To enhance clinical research by dramatically improving the ease and efficiency of trial execution and management.

A Better Way To Manage Clinical Sites.

Easy, intuitive, and accurate. At SignalPath, we believe that research teams should be empowered by a CTMS that makes them more efficient and brings the joy back to their work. Our site-focused platform is designed to streamline the operational workflow of patient management and study conductance, and includes powerful budgeting and forecasting tools to optimize site financials.

Features That Make Your Life Easier.


Participant Tracking

Optimize Performance


Patient Engagement

Site Solutions

Our “Participant's Visit” page is tailored to facilitate easy participant management.

Track Participants, minus the headaches

Organize the conduct of trials with calendars, task lists, notifications, document management and more, enabling sites to discard antiquated study tools and focus on the patients and the science.

Utilize data and insights

Real time dashboards allow sites to optimize study conduct with data that is historically unavailable, driving communication, accrual, quality and profitability.

Drive Financial Performance

SignalPath’s budget, invoicing and reconciliation tools allow sites to improve financial preformance by providing insights into aspects like breakeven accrual for a given trial and the ability to leverage real time forecasting.

Network Solutions

By enabling connectivity across a network of sites that are utilizing our CTMS system, an entire world of tools, data, and insights become available. A few examples are provided below.

Network Manager

We provide central dashboards that enable real time insights, whether you are managing two sites or fifty. The data generated in day to day management allows you to understand key metrics such as accrual and identify hotspots in real time, empowering your team to hit its goals.

Study Start Up

Getting a trial from initial outreach to first patient enrolled is a minefield of potential delays and distractions, yet this process is critical in order to get needed therapies to patients and ensure the health of an organization.

Virtual Trials

As part of 21st Century Cures, PDUFA legislation and others, there is a move toward novel trial designs. Our platform is once again positioned to support each iteration in novel and unique ways. We are excited to tell you more.