Clinical Trial Accelerator Software Startup Receives Additional $8M in Funding

February 16th, 2018 by Dade Lamkins

Raleigh, NC: SignalPath, a Raleigh-based healthcare technology and services company, confirms they have raised an additional $8 million in funding from private investors. The announcement of this investment comes on the heels of SignalPath’s recent Network Manager product release. Network Manager enables real-time insights for clinical research networks and their partners. The product pulls data from SignalPath’s site management platform which allows sites to optimize the clinical studies being conducted, whether across two sites or two hundred.

The release of Network Manager builds on SignalPath’s industry-leading product suite, focused on relieving key pain points within the landscape of conducting clinical trials. SignalPath’s site-focused CTMS platform is designed to streamline the operational workflow of patient management and study execution, and includes powerful budgeting and financial management tools. User experience and comprehensive client support are key differentiators for the product.

Brad Hirsch, medical oncologist and co-founder, serves as CEO while remaining an active study principal investigator, giving him ongoing insights into how to improve the product at the frontline. He noted the importance of this round of funding to SignalPath’s customers and stakeholders.

“We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes by reimagining the clinical trial model, thereby improving the ease and efficiency of study execution. We’ve consistently hit our milestones, are growing our product suite, and continue to build our research network. It is an incredibly exciting time at SignalPath.”

The funding will enable SignalPath to continue building its eResearch platform and investing in its team, ultimately driving continuous improvements to both the product and services being delivered to a growing network of clinical research sites and partners. In particular, the funding will support development of new functionality in study start up and accrual support.

Gabriel Goncalves, Principal at Rugula Investments, describes why he has remained deeply engaged at SignalPath since 2014.

“I’m excited about SignalPath’s trajectory and the opportunity to reimagine the clinical research paradigm. From its inception, the team at SignalPath has had a compelling vision and has been executing on all cylinders. As the network and product grow, the opportunity to effect change is enormous. ”

According to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, recent funding has brought the total raised to date by SignalPath to $17.5 million since its founding in 2014. The latest round of funding, which closed in January 2018, comes from repeat investors.

About SignalPath:

SignalPath is a healthcare technology and services company focused on improving clinical research by dramatically improving the ease and efficiency of trial execution and management. SignalPath’s eResearch platform is designed to streamline the operational workflow of patient and protocol management for sites in order to optimize outcomes, including site operations, finances and start-up. The purpose-built platform is designed to be used at the point of care, enabling clinical research teams to focus on their patients while achieving their research goals. Connectivity across broad research networks allows SignalPath to leverage analytics, insights and tooling to reimagine the execution of clinical trials for sites and partners.

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